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63 Maryland Ave.

Annapolis, MD 21401


Friday, January, 17th, 2020


Galway Bay

Today’s Features

Soup of the Moment

Thai Curry Chicken 7


Bacon Wrap Scallop Salad

Bacon wrapped scallops on top of our house salad with blood orange dressing 15            

Irish Mexican Nachos

Crunchy French fries with flat iron steak and topped with chorizo and cheddar cheese,         

avocado, sour cream, green onions and feta   14


Seasonal Dessert

EggNog Pumpkin Pie 6



Sandwich of the Moment

Mortadella ham and turkey sandwich with   lettuce, tomato and mayo in a baguette   

accompanied by your choice of fruit, fries, soup or salad 9

(Sandwich available up to 2.30pm)