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Specials subject to change.


Friday 9-22-17 11am to 2:30pm 

Galway Bay

Lunch Specials

- 11am to 2:30pm

Soup of the Moment

Creole Crawfish

Cupán 4 - Babhla 6

Sandwich of the Moment
Homemade savoury Tuna salad on toasted whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato accompanied

by your choice of salad, fruit, fries or soup 8.99

Garden Beet Salad

Roasted beets, mandarin orange, goat cheese, toasted sunflower seeds and balsamic vinaigrette 10

Potato Cake Burger

A succulent burger cooked to you liking topped

with our homemade potato cake and a side of

ranch dressing served on a brioche roll with lettuce, tomato accompanied by Irish chips. 10

Irish Spiced Beef Ragout

Housemade Irish spiced Beef cooked in a

ragout of stout, pearled barley, onion,

mushrooms, celery & carrots. 12

Turtle Cheesecake

Individual cream cheesecake topped with nuts and caramel, finished with a fruit compote 7

Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Made with gluten free ingredients,

topped with Crème Irlandaise 6